Keeping Spiders As Pets

Photo by nifei cao on Unsplash

Keeping spiders as pets may seem like lunacy to many people. I know it did to me. I used to have Arachnophobia – a fear of spiders.

About two years ago I decided that I’d like a pet. Not just any pet, however. It needed to be something different – something interesting. I thought maybe lizards but mostly you need a license and they’re a bit of a pain in the ass to keep. Snakes? Same deal. Then I discovered people were keeping spiders as pets. The whole concept gave me the shivers. I could deal with snakes but not spiders.

I had read somewhere about someone that had bought a pet spider to get over their arachnophobia so the concept of keeping one as a pet gradually took hold in my brain.

I’m still not sure if I was either brave or foolhardy but either way, after being unable to find a decent-sized spider locally, I drive to Sydney to buy a Tarantula from a pet store. I was trying to keep my shit together but I think the guy in the store must have known I was freaking out (because I was!). I bought my first Tarantula (a Selenotypus Wallace to be specific) for what I think was about $180. I drove the 350km home and commenced the somewhat delicate and admittedly heart-stopping procedure for transferring my new baby from its tiny container into its new terrarium.

Yeah ok, it was at this point that I chickened out. I had intended to open the container and gently coax the spider into its new home. During the research that I had done previous to making the decision to buy, I had read that you can just open the container and put it in the new terrarium and let the spider make its own way out overnight. So, still being terrified of these things, that’s what I decided to do.

The next morning Penelope (as I had decided to name her) had exited her container and was sitting face down in one of the holes I had pre-dug for her in the Terrarium (before I put her in).

I never handle her and I never will. Her fangs are shiny black centimeter long things that look like they’d be really painful.

Since getting Penelope by arachnophobia has gone and I now have 41 spiders: Huntsman, Wolf Spiders, lots of Tarantulas and even Funnel Webs. I’ve stopped collecting though. Most of them are babies and will grow quite large so it’s prudent of me to stop before they take over my entire apartment.

My favorites though are the Huntsman spiders. Creepy little fuckers with their small bodies and gangling legs but fascinating all the same. More on them later.

So if you really want to cure your fear of spiders, I suggest keeping one as a pet. You don’t have to handle it. You just need to get used to having it around. Observe it, feed it, clean its tank. You’ll be catching spiders with your hands in no time.

Here are some Spider pictures. Some are my pets.

Andrew’s Top 3 Life Lessons

I think I’ve learned a lot over my lifetime and I would like to share a few life lessons that I’ve learned over my time on this planet.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

The older I get the more I know. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I think I’ve learned a lot over my lifetime and I would like to share a few life lessons that I’ve learned over my time on this planet. I’m sure there is more to learn – every day is a school day – but here are three of the lessons I remember most.

  1. No matter where you go, there you are.
    Do you find that you’re having a shit time everywhere you go and with everyone you meet? It might not be them. It could very well be you. In other words, if everyone is telling you to fuck off it’s highly likely that you’re being an asshole. Examine your behavior and the way you interact with people and if you can’t do that, find someone whose opinion you trust and get ready for some tough love.
  2. Try not to give any more than a handful of fucks.
    People care too much about dumb shit. Did you get offended by something you saw on Social Media? Harden the fuck up and keep scrolling. Is the car in front of you too slow off the lights? So are you some times. Was your cappuccino not frothy enough? Boohoo. Go live where they’ve never heard of cappuccinos.
    Care about real shit. Care about your friends, your family, your health – you get the idea. Limit the number of fucks you give and you’ll have a better time.
  3. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.
    Listen more than you talk. You’ll probably learn something and you’ll be liked a whole lot more.

I hope that’s been of some value. There are lots more life lessons that I’ve learned but I think these are the main ones I try and live by. It’s not easy but the benefits are limitless.

Leave your top three life lessons in the comments.

Flinders Island, Tasmania

Today I got back from a work trip to Flinders Island. Yep, that’s right, I got PAID to go to Flinders Island. Not bad work if you can get it.

Today I got back from a work trip to Flinders Island. Yep, that’s right, I got PAID to go to Flinders Island. Not bad work if you can get it.

I haven’t been to Tasmania at all until now despite wanting to for a while. It gets a bit expensive when you spend all your money on music and dumb shit.

Flinders Island is like stepping back in time. One of the people I met described it as Byron Bay about 30 years ago. Don’t read that like it’s a negative. People actually say hello to you in the street and you wave to other drivers passing in the other direction. In fact, this wave is compulsory if you’re doing any driving on the island. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my Uncle would drive us into town. He’d ‘wave’ just by lifting his index finger slightly off the steering wheel. I gave that a try and it’s pretty easy so I recommend having a crack at it if you’re ever down that way.

Being a work trip I was disappointed that I didn’t get any time to look around but having seen the place for myself I reckon I’ll be back as a tourist for a decent sight-see. There are plenty of shipwrecks if you’re a diver which sadly I am not. I do however look forward to some of the many walking trails and probably a four-wheel-drive trip into the areas that are harder to get to.

I met some German tourists that had just come back from a helicopter flight around the island. They showed me some of their photos which backed up their story so a helicopter trip is on the list for me too.

I met Wendy who is the spitting image of my Aunty. She runs a cooking school – like my Aunty would have if she had lived in civilization. Like my Aunty, Wendy is a great cook – I guess you have to be to run a cooking school.

Also on the list for next time is the winery, probably after a tour through Strzelecki National Park. I think a week there will be perfect. Next time I won’t be paid to go to Flinders Island but I think I’ll enjoy it more, knowing that I can relax and take my time.


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